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Les Choristes

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Gw mau nge share sesuatu nih. Masih inget ga sama postingan yg ada film Prancis, Les Choristes nya? Kalo lupa, liat aja lagi hehe, di search aja. By the way, hari ini pelajaran Prancis nonton film itu lagi, sampe habis pula soalnya sekitar 1 jam pelajaran lebih dipake buat nonton. Oya, lo semua harus tau film itu keren banget! Ceritanya sih lumayan, tapi ending nya kurang wah gitu. Tapi tetep aja keren soalnya film musical gitu, choir pula. Ok begini plot ceritanya yg gw ambil dari Wikipedia :

Les Choristes / The Chorus.
In present time, conductor Pierre Morhange learns of the death of his mother. After the funeral he receives an unexpected visit from one of his former classmates, Pépinot, whom he has not seen for 50 years. He shows him a diary written by their supervisor, Clement Mathieu. In 1949, Clement Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, accepts a job as supervisor in the boarding school called “Fond de l’étang” (literally translated, “bottom of the pond”), where difficult boys are sent. Rachin, the headmaster, reigns with iron discipline and his motto is: "action, reaction!" As soon as a student disobeys the rules, he is punished mercilessly.

Forced to punish the one who set a trap on the door to the infirmary, injuring the institution’s jack-of-all-trades, Mathieu realizes that the children need more understanding and freedom. He manages to obtain permission from the headmaster to form a choir in class. The story is an attempt to compare two visions of the school: the headmaster who wants only discipline and Mathieu, who seeks to give the children hope and opportunity through the choir.

An older boy, Mondain, is entrusted to the boarding school by a psychiatrist, but Mathieu fails with him. Rachin wrongly accuses him of stealing a large sum of money belonging to the establishment and expells him.

He also has a special feeling for the young Pépinot, a boy that expects the visit of his father every Saturday near the gate, but indeed lost his parents in the war. With his methods. However, the headmaster must please its benefactors, including a Countess who helps finance the boarding school. She hears of the choir and wants to hear them sing. Mathieu is thus able to show his success, particularly the voice of Morhange, a withdrawn and obstinate boy when dealing with adults, but a talented singer. 

The headmaster takes all the credit for the chorus, even though Mathieu is solely responsible. At the beginning of summer, Rachin leaves to meet with the beneficiaries of the school and Mathieu is left in charge. While he’s gone, fire destroys part of the boarding house. Mondain, seen nearby with a cigarette, is most likely responsible. Fortunately, the children are safe, since Mathieu had taken them on a field trip that day. The headmaster, seeking every opportunity to get rid of Mathieu, accuses him of taking the children on a forbidden field trip and, after a nasty argument, fires him. The supervisor then leaves the school, thinking the children will forget him, but on his way out they throw paper airplanes with expressions of thanks and wishes for a good life. In a split-second decision, Mathieu adopts Pépinot, one of the youngest boys who is also an orphan, and takes him with him when he leaves on a Saturday. Mathieu changes the lives of the boys, of the other employees and his own as well. *Copas from Wikipedia
And this is the english version trailer. Check it out!

Orang yang botak itulah si Mathieu. Yang ganteng dengan suara emas itu si Morhange. *FYI, nama aslinya Jean-baptiste Maunier. Google him now, you'll fell in love.* Dan yang kecil lucu itu Pepinot. Oya tambahan, soal ibu2 yg di trailer, itu mama-nya Morhange, si Mathieu itu suka sama dia, tapi akhirnya ga dapet soalnya dia dengan cowok lain. 

Aaahh kebayang ga sih ceritanya seruu, gw pengen nonton lagi, tapi gatau dimana bisa dpt dvd film Prancis. Kalian semua cari juga yaaa... pokoknya harus nonton! Well, that's it. Semoga ini berguna nambah review film kalian, jarang2 kan nonton film Prancis, hehe. bye. xoxo

Song of the Day : Les Choristes - Caresse sur l'ocean

Ini lagu favorit gw di Les Choristes. They've made great songs, i want the album so bad. Dan OMG saya sangat jatuh cinta sama Jean-baptiste a.k.a Morhange. Liat dong dia nyanyi solo di video dengan suara briliant nya, mana dia ganteng parah! Oya, kalo mau liat video konser Les Choristes yg lain, ada di youtube playlist saya, klik aja ya.

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